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Craftsmanship, as old wines, improves with time …

The work we do at ANTONIO PÁEZ LOBATO SA is inextricably associated with great wines, old traditions and the utmost quality. This has been possible thanks to the talent of our master coopers who have been able to transmit, along the years, their knowledge, their craft and their love for a job well done.

We are a family owned company with an expertise of more than 70 years combining craftsmanship with the newest contributions of enological research to offer casks of the highest quality.

The history of our cooperage is indissolubly linked to the story of the man that gives our Company its name, D. Antonio Páez Lobato, who was born in Jerez de la Frontera (Spain) on February 9th, 1923, being the third of seven siblings.

His entire professional life has been dedicated to the world of wine. At the age of 9, little Antonio worked hard in his father's wine-shop and bar to help his family. He was so short that he had to climb a wooden stool to wash the glasses as he did not reach the sink!

As years went by, Antonio continued in the wine-shop business, first as an employee and later as owner, but his innovative and restless spirit led him to work at the same time as a broker in all kinds of commercial operations related to the Sherry, touring almost all Spain on an old motorbike to offer wines, barrels and other wine products

At 23, after marrying Doña Josefa Morilla Nuño, mother to his nine children, he decided to embark on his own cooperage business. It was a tough start, with rented premises and some bank loans to buy wood and equipment, but finally D. Antonio was able to supply, by the late 1940's, small orders of barrels to several wine Companies in Jerez and La Rioja.

Nowadays, in our highly equipped and functional facilities, we manufacture casks for our wide portfolio of customers, which includes wineries of prestige in several wine regions of Spain (Jerez, La Rioja, Ribera del Duero, Toro and Extremadura…) and well-known Companies in Japan, Ireland, United Kingdom, United States and Portugal.

Quality is the key concept which we are committed to in ANTONIO PÁEZ LOBATO SA. Any detail, however small, is important to the finished barrel and this conviction leads us to follow a rigorous control at all stages of our production.

It all begins with the selection of our main raw material, Oak Wood. For our barrels, we use staves and heading pieces of Spanish, American, French and European Oak. All this material arrives to our cooperage yard just sawn and with a high moisture content. All pieces are then neatly piled up there and, due to our extraordinary meteorological conditions (sun, dry winds and scarce rain), are naturally air-dried for 12 to 18 months until they reach the desired point of humidity needed to make our barrels

Toasting the casks is perhaps the most important part of the process: the inside of the cask is set on fire for a short period of time, creating in this way a black charred layer. Thanks to this operation, a wide spectrum of new compounds and flavors appear which will pass to the wines and/or spirits to be filled into them. To achieve a better toasting, only scraps of oak are used as the sole source of energy for our furnaces

Each barrel is unique, a world in itself. For their casks, our customers can choose the type of oak that best suits their needs and they can also customize the degree of toasting they require for their wines and/or spirits.

Finally, and as the last step of our quality control, every individual cask is filled with some hot water and pressurized air. In this way, any possible pore is detected and repaired to prevent future leaks.

We also supply already seasoned Sherry casks, which bring with them the aroma and taste of our world-known fortified wines.


Our daily work at the cooperage produces many shots that would be worth framing. Here you can find some of them which cover all steps in our production, from the drying of wood to the mounting of the cask, from the toasting in the fires up to the finished product. And, at the end, you will also see how we stack our finished casks once they are filled with Sherry… There they will stay undisturbed for years, just slowly seasoning…

Pl. El Portal, C/ Sudáfrica 77B
11408 Jerez de la Fra. (Cádiz) – España

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